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WordPress Automation 101 For Entrepreneurs

WordPress is a great platform, but it’s not always easy to manage. You have to deal with security issues, updates and backups. It can be time consuming and costly.

Automation will help you save time, money and resources by doing all the work for you in the background while you focus on important tasks like marketing your business or building relationships with customers.

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  • 28 minutes of total time
  • 7 high quality lessons
  • Full lifetime access and course updates
  • Easy access for desktop, mobile, tablet and tv

What You’ll Learn

  • How website automation works and why it’s important for you’re business
  • How to utilize WordPress automation scenarios
  • How to setup WordPress automations with professional tools
  • How to setup WordPress maintenance automation
  • How to automate WordPress content processes
  • How to streamline WordPress eCommerce activities

Course Playlist